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Dr. Balqis Mohamed Al Hassan Osman is a senior scientist in Sudan. She graduated with honors from Forestry Sciences at Khartoum University and then majored in Environmental Sciences in the Master's degree until she received her doctorate. She has had many scientific papers and participations. She has prepared many scientific and advisory studies and has written many famous scientific researches on international and local journals. She has also participated in more than 65 conferences in more than 45 countries around the world. She has been a writer and coordinator for a number of government agencies with reports on carbon dioxide harvesting and storage and in the global assessment bodies of the role of agricultural science, technology and development. Dr. Bilqis held a number of positions and scientific councils. She was a member of the consultative council of the Council of Ministers for the Environment Sector and Vice-Chair of the Consultative Council for the African Regional Project for Adaptation Research, funded by the Canadian Institute for Development Research. She was also a member of a number of scientific and international committees, all of which did not prevent her from practicing teaching, where she worked as a cooperating professor at Al-Zaeem Al-Azhari University, Department of Environmental Studies. The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has honored seven leaders in the field of combating global warming as the champions of the Earth this year. "This award is the highest environmental award given by UNDP in recognition of the unprecedented efforts of Dr. Balqis in the field of climate change in Africa as a model for hard work," said a statement issued by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) As well as the Sudan, especially in light of the close link between climate change and the escalation of conflicts and civil wars. The statement added that the award was an acknowledgment of its active participation in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, And sustainable development, as well as their multiple contributions in this area. The statement pointed to the recognition of the program to participate in the writing and preparation of a lot of reports and papers, which have been very resonant in the scientific circles, culminating in the recognition of the world's people to receive the Nobel Peace Prize equally with the Qour. The Committee noted with the participation of Dr. Balqees in Sudan's first report to the Framework Convention on Climate Change led by Firirq Sudan Research in the Global Initiative for the Evaluation of Effects and Adaptation to the phenomenon. Dr. Balqis is one of the brightest and most prominent Sudanese and female figures in particular who have influenced the field of climatology and the environment. It has produced breakthrough work on global warming in North and East Africa and has had special efforts in educating students on climate change questions, and in this way, to sensitize the new generation in the country to this issue 

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