Department of Poultry Production


The Department of Poultry Production was established as an entity among the Departments of the Faculty of Animal Production in 1992. It has been in charge of teaching, Training and qualifying undergraduate and postgraduate students in poultry science, in addition to conducting and organizing research in the relevant subjects. These subjects include poultry husbandry, breeding, nutrition broiler and egg production and technology. This Department is the sole  specialized University Department in poultry science in the country.


 Postgraduate studies in poultry science started in the University of Khartoum in 1970, and it has been intensified since the establishment of the Animal Production Institute in 1982 and its upgrading to the Faculty of Animal Production in 1992. These developments have been important in relation to the recent  international development in the fields of animal science and the advent of scientific and business specialization in related sectors. The animal production sector in the Sudan has been increasingly growing and having a significant impact on the national economy and food security. The sustained development of this sector would require continuous provision of specialized cadre, with applied research and improved production services in the various branches of animal science which imposes a National role for the University.

 The Departement  has two labs Poultry Products Technology Lab and Feed stuffs and Feed formulation lab. In addition to Poultry research  unit which include hatsharies ,houses ,brooders and slaughter house .

Staff members of the Departement :

(1) Professor

(3) Associate Professors

(2) Assistant Professors


(2)Teaching Assistants 

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