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The Faculty of Animal Production was established in the year 1982, as an Institute of Graduate Studies for Animal production at Shambat University Campus. In 1992, the institute was transformed into a full fledged faculty.

The Faculty has five departments: Genetics and Animal Breeding, Meat Production, Poultry Production, Dairy Production and Animal Nutrition.



Shambat campus, that located in Khartoum North, P. O. Box 32, Postal code 13314


Teaching Staff:


(5 ) Professors

(12) Associate Professors

(8) Assistant Professors

(5) Lecturers

In addition to (12) Teaching Assistants and (5) Technicians.



The Faculty currently enrolls (518) B. Sc. students.

(807) Animal Production Specialists have graduated from the Faculty since 1998 until 2006.

Since 1992 until 2003 the following postgraduates students were awarded the following degrees

  •        M.Sc. in  Animal Production (by research)
  •        M.Sc. in Tropical Animal production
  •        M.Sc. in Dairy Production and Technology
  •        M.Sc. in Poultry Production
  •        Ph.D. in Animal production



There are more than (12) laboratories in the Faculty distributed among the different departments. Each laboratory accommodates about (30) students used by the B.Sc. students, graduate students and members of the teaching staff. The university farm and the animal units at the different departments are used for students' training and research.



The Library:

Shambat library contains approximately volumes in addition to periodicals, dissertations and other relevant material. The reading room accommodates about students and the library meets the needs of the B.Sc. Honours and graduate students as well as the teaching staff. Each department starts establishing it’s own specialized library.


Research Activities:

The Faculty of Animal Production presents research opportunities and studies in the various animal production and technology fields of its 5 departments. Those research activities are designed to meet the needs and solve the problems that faced both the production and industrial sectors. Some of the research is conducted at the various geographical sites to promote the small scale and traditional animal producers. Similarly, the research is concerned with the development of different methods of processing and preservations of animal products to meet the desire of the consumers. These researches and studies are usually published in the Sudan Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science Journal, Sudan Journal of Animal Production and The University of Khartoum Journal of Agriculture Sciences as well as in International and Regional Journals and Periodicals. All the Departments of the Faculty of Animal Production exert their efforts to coordinate and cooperate with other related institutes, private and Governmental Sectors in order to find finance for their applied researches.


Cultural Relations:

The Faculty of Animal Production has good relations with most of the Faculties of Animal Production, Veterinary Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Sciences in Sudan. Many members of the teaching staff undertake teaching and supervision for the students of those mentioned Faculties in other Universities. Some members of the teaching staff are on secondment to some of the Universities and some others are doing their higher studies at similar faculties in Europe and Japan.


Public Services Offered by the Faculty:

The Faculty staff is involved in activities (Seminars, Workshops and Planning) in collaboration with other Government Agencies in various fields of animal production. The Faculty staff and students are also involved in extension services to the different communities whose activities are related to animal production.

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