Kasala and El Gadaref

Scientific trip to the provinces of Kassala and Gedaref

The purpose of the scientific trip:

- The aim of the visit is to equip students with knowledge and to raise awareness of the livestock sector in both rich countries

- Visit the economic, educational and governmental establishments related to the livestock sector

- Identification of Sudanese breeds (cows - goats - sheep - camels) in their natural environment

- Develop loyalty and belonging to the homeland through the identification of different regions of Sudan

- Recreation and recreation

Kassala State: Kassala is located in the eastern part of the Sudan. The state is characterized by vast fertile agricultural lands in addition to an estimated livestock population of 4300000 head of livestock (sheep 1401000 head - cows 490000 head - goat 948600 head - 1700761 head), which depends mainly on natural pastures either in terms of wealth Fish The lake of Khashm al-Qirba is a good source of fish wealth.

Gedaref State: one of the states of eastern Sudan, characterized by wide agricultural areas and fertile soil and is one of the largest agricultural production areas in Sudan and one of the largest regions of sesame and maize production

In the state of Gedaref, livestock are estimated at about 5 million heads of livestock. This number increases in the rainy season when seasonal pastures are available and the herdsmen receive their animals from neighboring states


Gedaref State Visits:

1- Ministry of Animal Resources, Fisheries and Pastures:

A visit to the General Directorate for the Development of Animal Production (Manal sections - Dairy - Leather - Poultry - Nutrition - and birth control) in order to identify production and manufacturing industries

2- Veterinary Hospital:

Visit the veterinary clinic, the laboratory and the animal production department to identify common diseases in the region to know how to check and diagnose

3 - Gedaref grain silos

In which they identify how to maintain national strategic stocks

4- Gedarif Veterinary Quarry:

One of the quarries located in Sudan where he receives animals to be exported and keep animals for several days for detection and vaccination

5 - Queen Factory for sesame:

It is the largest sesame plant in Sudan where students learn about the stages of sesame processing and factory products

6- Gedaref University

Visit the university farm to identify the existing breeds of cows - sheep - goats and identify the role of the farm in terms of training, research, supply and production

Visits to Kassala State:

1- Ministry of Animal Resources

The students will visit veterinary extension units, pest control and animal production department to identify the various activities of the guidance and training of pastoralists and ways to combat epidemics and common diseases

2 - Center for the development and development of animal production:

Identify the objectives of the Center from receiving university students and graduates' research and visiting the various units of the center (poultry, feed, fattening)

3- Shanboub Market:

It is a common market between Sudan and Eritrea and has many sheep breeds (Alhamri, Karaj), goats (karaj, Saanin, ... etc). Etc.) where students learn about different market activities

4. Special farms:

Identify the different management methods used