Dandar Federal Reserve

Purpose of visit:

Watch wildlife in its natural habitat as an applied aspect of the wildlife management course for third graders

Al-Dandar Reserve:

Al-Dandar Reserve is located in the south-eastern part of Central Sudan with the international border between Sudan and Ethiopia. It was declared a national reserve in 1935 in an area of ​​3500 square kilometers. This area is not an integrated ecological unit. Some wild animals migrate outside their borders in autumn. It was therefore decided in 1984 to increase the area of ​​the reserve to 10288 km 2.

Dender is divided into 3 environments:

1 / River Environment:

Such as the River Al-Rahad and Al-Dandar and their tributaries (Khor Qalqou, Khor Musawik)

2 / Intrinsic: divided into three main systems:

First: the Kalko Creek system

Totaling about 20 meters and ponds in this system, the most important of which are:

Mina 'Abd al-Ghani: In the eastern part of Kalku Creek, about 2 km from the Qalqou camp

Mi'at Ras Amer: In the northeastern part, about 13 km from the camp

Ostrich Brushes

Second: Khawr Musaweek system

Is one of the tributaries of the River Dandar, which feeds about 11 meters and pond and the most important and the largest of its contents are:

Mi'a Sambrook: Located in the south-east of Khor Musawik

Third: The Dandar River System Group

A) The eastern bank of the Dandar River

Ain Shams University

It is located on the northeastern side of Kalku

Mi'a Musa: It is about 5 km north-west of the camp of Qalqou

Mi'a Samsir: It is about 20 km southeast of Khalku Creek

Mina Hanifa

B) West Bank:

Coverage: About 25 km south of Qalqou

The House of the Monster: Located in the southwest about 12 km from the camp of Qalqou

Mi'aa Qarayisa: 6 km west of Qalqou

Al-Doublaa: It is about 9 km south of Camp Qalqou.

3 / Fame