Undergraduate Programs.Poultry

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Avian physiology 

 second  semester - second Year

 Course Objective:

     Comparison between birds and mammals with regard to physiology with special reference to birds of economic importance.

Course Content:

     The circulatory system, blood, gas exchange .

     The digestive system and physiology of digestion components, Function of and hormones of the digestive system .

-          Digestion of carbohydrates, Protein , Fats and thier  metabolism .

-          Reproductive system & Reproduction :

-           Reproductive system of the hen, egg formation – physiological disturbance in egg formation, Factors affecting egg formation.

-          Male Reproductive system  .

-          Hormonal & nervous control of reproduction in male & female.

-          Respiratory system

-          Urinary system

-          Thermoregulation

-          Acid – base balance

-          Excretory  

 poultry mangement

Course Content:

 First semester - Fourth Year

Poultry Production (1)

second  semester - Fourth Year

* The development of Poultry industry in the world commercial poultry       Production – Specialization and integration of the different Production     fields. Contract systems – Associated industries with Poultry Production  .    

* Present status of Poultry Production in Sudan and future improvements.

* Grades and quality of table – eggs – Factors affecting quality –Egg  characteristics measurements – Factors influencing egg quality deterioration – Methods of Preservation egg quality – Grading and packing – Egg marketing .

* Poultry meat quality – Nutritional value - Poultry meat processing and methods of preservation.

* Factors affecting  carcass quality and meat quality. Carcass grading -    Meat processing – processing plant by – products – marketing of  Poultry meat .

* Design and management of Poultry  processing plants.

Poultry Production (2)

 First semester - Fifth  year

New advances in poultry production

- Specialization and integration.

* Chick production – Genetic basis for breeding commercial lives for egg and Broiler. Production.

* Breeder stock management – production of hatching eggs – Selection of hatching eggs storage of hatching eggs.

* Incubation and hatching – Egg formation – embryonic development – Natural and artificial incubation – Incubators and hatcheries factors affecting fertility and hatchability – Hatchery operations.

* Records and calculation of fertility and hatchability percentages. Production costs and returns.

* Design and management of hatcheries and incubators.

* Table – egg production – nutritional value of eggs.

* characteristics of egg .

* Management of egg laying Stock – design and management of layer Farms.

* Factors affecting egg production. Replacement pullets management .

* Broiler Production.

* Nutritional value of poultry meat – Sources of poultry meat management and new advances  the broiler production.

* characteristics of broilers  breeds.

* Broiler farms – methods of rearing and production – Factors affecting   Broiler production.

* Production efficiency measurements – Production costs and returns.

* Design and management of broiler farms.

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