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1-Project name:

  Evaluation  of production and economical  feasibility of using the recommended nutrients requirements for Small   - Scale  dairy farms in Khartoum state

By : Dr. Kamal Elhassan Elabid

        Dr. Abdel  Elnasir Mohammed Ahmed

        Dr. Adam Elhag Ahmed Yassen


University of Khartoum


·     Quantify attitudes and practices among  for Small  - Scale  dairy farmers toward using the nutrient s  requirements.

·    Introduce dairy farmers in Khartoum state use of the nutrient   requirements to improve herd nutrition .

·     Evaluate the  economical  feasibility of using the recommended nutrient s  requirements.

Duration :


2-Project name:

   Oestrus synchronization in dairy cattle in Khartoum State

Financer :

  Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research


·         To monitor reproductive patterns in Khartoum State .

·         To evaluate the reproductive  performance and high light problems associate with oestrus detection.

·         Quantification of the fertility problems  and  seeking solution to boost fertility.



 October 2007-2009

3-Project name:

 A study of some factors that affect of oestrus synchronization in Nubian goat

Financer :

University of Khartoum


To evaluate some environmental factors  manly nutrition  and season on  efficiency of oestrus synchronization by Hormones  protocol   

Duration :

 July 2009- July 2010

 Other research activities

Dr. Ibtisam El Yas Mohamed El Zubeir

Department of Dairy Production

Faculty of Animal Production

University of Khartoum

·         Participated in the survey on rural women role at the dry lands ( El Butana area) as part of: The Dry Land Husbandry Project (Sudan), funded by IGAD, 1997.

·         Participated in the project entitled Poverty Alleviation for rural women at Abu Dilaig, Butana area, funded by Ford Foundation 1997.

·         Short Research Period (Frequencies and antibiotic susceptibility patterns of bacteria causing mastitis among cows and their environment in Khartoum State with special reference to tetracycline resistance in S. aureus) at the Institute of Microbiology and Disease Diagnosis, FU, Berlin- Germany, funded by DAAD. October 1998- Feb. 1999

·         Conducted a comparative study of milk quality control measures in the Western Cape, South Africa, funded by UNESCO and NRF/Royal Society of South Africa, March – August 2001.

·         Conducted a project on the quality control of milk and milk products in Khartoum State fudwd by Islamic Deveolpment Bank for Young Researchers Support Programme, University of Khartoum Vice Chanceller and Ministry of Animal Resources and Higher Education, 2004.

·         Conducted a project Isolation and identification of bacteria causing mastitis in dairy farms at Khartoum State fudwd Ministry of Animal Resources and Higher Education, 2004.

·         German Academic Exchange Program (DAAD) agreement with University of Khartoum for Post doc., University of Giessen, Germany (Phenotypic and genotypic charactersitics of methicillin resistance from Staphylococcus intermedius). September 2005- March 2006.

·         Aflaroxins in animal feeds and animal products  Funded by Sudanese Standard and Metrological Organization 2008.

·         Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF) and ALJ Grant for Funding Scientific Research & Innovation in Technology for the project: Intermediate Technology Interventions and Camel Nomadic Community Development, 2009.

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