Post Graduate Programs.Dairy

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a. First semester courses

Name of course Credit hours Contact hours
Reproductive Physiology 3(2+1) 5
Dairy production 3(2+1) 5
Dairy Nutrition and feeding 3(2+1) 5
Dairy cattle breeding 3(2+1) 4
Dairy Management 3(2+1) 5
Total hours 15 24


1.     Reproductive Physiology:

   Introduction to interrelationships between Endocrinology, reproduction and reproduction-Manipulation of natural reproductive processes (A.1 and Oestrus Cycle)- Hormonal control of lactation and milk biosynthesis-Reproductive management – reproductive failures and c

2.     Dairy Production:

  An introductory course in dairy farming and development with the following head lines:

Historical prospective in dairy development-Identification of the main problems in dairy production with emphasis on problems specific to smallholders in rural areas-production systems in Dairy farming-Dairy development planning-role of livestock and Dairy production in rural development-crop/livestock integration-Livestock and Environment.

3.     Dairy Nutrition and feeding:

Planning of feed requirement and availability-Tropical forages, pastures composition and nutritive value-feed conservation techniques-Agricultural by-products, crop residues and multipurpose trees-supplementation strategies-Ration formation Calf and heifer feeding-Economics of dairy nutrition.

4.     Dairy Cattle breeding :

Basic principles of Animal breeding-Traits of economic importance (a. Respectabilities) and heritabilities b.phenotypic environmental and genetic correlation’s between traits).  –Inbreeding and crossbreeding in dairt cattle, selection in dairy cattle (cow indexing, systems of sire selection )-breeding plants of improvement in Sudan Biotechnology &Animal breeding (a.1, Genetic engineering ).

5.     Dairy management:

  This will deal with applied management practices for improved milk  production.

b. second semester :


Name of course Credit hours Symbol Contact hours
Dairy Herd Health 3(2+1) Milk 602 4
Dairy Science 3(2+1) Milk 604 5
Rural Dairy Processing & Technology 3(2+1) Milk 606 5
Dairy Microbiology 3(2+1) Milk 608 5
Introduction to Statistic and Analytical Methods 3(2+1) Milk 610 4
Total hours 15   23

1.     Dairy herd health :

Major diseases preventive and control measures –Metabolic diseases-calf- hood health programmes –Rural environment inflicted health hazard.

2.     Dairy science :

Chemical composition of milk –properties of milk sampling milk & milk products – control of milk supplies – Rejection ,grading tests and adulteration.

3.     Rural processing and Dairy technology:

     Processing of dairy products rural techniques for milk processing and environment means –Quality control and Quality systems.

4.     Dairy microbiology:

Introduction: nutritive value of milk and requirements for bacterial growth- sources of contamination of milk and milk products – Major microbiology groups in milk-Milk borne disease-lab rotary microbial diagnosis of milk and milk products (pasteurized milk, condensed milk, Dried milk, starter culture milk, cheeses,, Yoghurt and other fermented milks ).

5.     Statistical analysis & Experimental Design:

Introduction to statistic and analytical methods ( review) Experimental designs:

( complete randomized design- complete block design-Least square-Split plot de-sing Least significant range ) Data analysis using computer programmes           


Admission  requirement :

   *Candidate for the postgraduate  M.Sc. in Dairy Production and Technology should satisfy the general regulation of the University Of Khartoum related to the M.Sc degree.

*  Applicant for the M.Sc. Program must hold a B.Sc. honuor Degree in Animal Production or relevant fields.

Examination Regulation for the postgraduate MSc. In Dairy Production and Technology: - 

( To be read with the general regulation for examinations for postgraduate degree ).

·         To be admitted to the examination, each candidate must have attended the approved subject of the study.

·         Examination should be held immediately at the end of each Semester for all the prescribed subjects.

·         A student may be allowed to re-sit the examination in any subject which he/she fails, provided that they make up not more than half of the examination subject     

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