Dairy Laboratory

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Dairy Chemistry Lab

Use in teachingCourse of Principles of Dairy Science

Course objectivesTo introduce the fundamentals of dairy chemistry to students and to acquire laboratory skills


1-Physical properties of milk (colour, refractive index, specific gravity (density).

2-Chemical composition (protein, lactose, lipids, total solids, Ash).

3-Control of milk supply tests (sensory, pH, 10 minute resazurin, rapid   acidity, sediment, alcohol, clot- on- boiling, titratable acidity).

4-Biological grading tests (Methylene blue,2 hr resazurin, plate count, microscopic count and Psychrotropic count).

5-Tests of adulteration (freezing point depression, formaldehyde , boric acid, hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite, Iodophors, Lime Ca(OH),  Sodium carbonate and bicarbonate)

Dairy Processing Lab

Use in teachingCourse of Dairy Technology

Course objectives: To provide students with the key knowledge and practical skills in dairy processing


1- Dairy plant visits (dairy plant design, facilities, and layout).

Dairy plant sanitization, processing's (homogenization cream

separation, pasteurization, sterilization).

2 - Dairy processing (Cream, butter, cheese and yoghurt, ice cream).

Dairy Food Microbiology Lab

Use in teachingCourse of :

1-      Quality Control of Dairy Products


1. Sampling and preservation of milk for chemical and physical examination

2.  Detection of preservatives in milk

3. Estimation of microbes in milk

4.  Microbiological quality tests

 5. Cleaning and sterilization of dairy equipment

6.  Visit to milk products factory

7. Visit to farms

2- Dairy Microbiology


1. Typesof microorganisms present in milk

2. Microbial standards of raw and pastries milk

3. Starter culture organism

4. Microbiology of dairy products (cheese ,yoghurt condense milk )

5. Milk borne diseases and pathogens transmitted through milk and dairy products

6. Estimation of microbes in milk (MBRT) test, direct microscopes counts (DMC) test, stander plate count, coli form count, yeast and mould count)

7. Indicator systems used to determine sanitary quality of milk products  

Reproductive Physiology Lab

Use in teachingCourse of :

1- Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology


Endocrine System


Reproductive system


Oestrus detection

Insemination and fertilization

Pregnancy diagnosis


Reproductive efficiency

Techniques use to improve reproductive efficiency

                                                                       Lactation physiology


Mammary gland types and development

Hormonal control of mammary gland development

Stages of M.G. developmental (puberty- pregnancy – lactation) 

Hormonal control of milk- -down

The functional anatomy of the mammary secretary cell, function of different organelle

The udder development, supportive, structure, Blood supply – nervous and lymphatic systems  

Biotechnology Lap

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