Al obaide

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
North Kordofan trip (white):
It is a private trip with students Level IV
The goals of the trip:
General to identify the state of North Kordofan.
To identify the state's activities in the field of animal production.
Identify Quarantines and livestock markets in the state.
Identification of the Ministry of wealth and livestock production in the state, and its activities in the areas of production, extension and animal health.
Knowledge of natural pastures and feed mills in the state.
Identify the cattle trails.
Knowledge of animal production volume in the area of ​​meat, milk, poultry, and all activities.
Knowledge of slaughterhouses in the state and the degree of progress in producing and processing meat, milk and take advantage of the leather.
Identification of traditional systems in the field of animal from cows and chickens and donkeys and other care.
Identify the sponsors and how to feed and provide drinking water for the animal by knowing and Almkharv resorts in the state.
To identify the person the state and find out the geographical location in the state.
And finally to identify the role of the state in the large livestock production as the source of many of the cattle that are distributed in different parts of Sudan.

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